West Genesee Runners

Wildcats Indoor Track

Winter Training Gear

Proper gear for both indoor and outdoor I-track workouts is extremely important. You may not know whether you are practicing indoors or out until you are notified at school by Coach Vermeulen or Coach Delsole. Do not assume you will be indoors because of bad weather. You must pack and bring suitable gear for either option.  

Proper gear for outdoor training safeguards the athlete against injury and illness as well as maximizing the athlete’s training.  

Athletes practicing outdoors who do not have proper gear may be sent home and not receive credit for the day’s practice. This rule is for the safety of the athlete, especially middle distance runners on road runs.

 Your Gear-Bag

 Your gear bag should include at least the following items:


·        Well-cushioned training shoes


·        T-shirt

·        Shorts/underwear

·        Socks


·        Heavy cotton socks/wool socks

·        Long underwear/lycra--bottoms

·        Wind shell or lined wind shell--bottoms

·        Wicking underwear—top(not cotton, which doesn’t remove sweat)

·        Mid-layer top(fleece/pile/cotton long-sleeve shirt acceptable)

·        Wind shell top

·        Gloves/Mittens/ball cap