--Thinking About Scholastic Sports--

Below are articles or links to articles on scholastic sports. They are intended to encourage thoughts and opinions on the nature and function of scholastic sports within the institution of public education. The list should expand with time.

Coach Vermeulen

Seventeen Reasons Why Football Is Better Than High School

By Herb Childress


Why Most Kids Quit Sports
Carleton Kendrick Ed.M., LCSW  

sports.gif Twenty million kids register each year for youth hockey, football, baseball, soccer, and other competitive sports. The National Alliance for Sports reports that 70 percent of these kids quit playing these league sports by age 13 -- and never play them again.


One-sport athletes: A losing proposition for kids


"It Will Never Happen to Me"

Addiction and the Collegiate Female Athlete

by Claudia Black, Ph.D. and Priscilla Bolin, B.S.W., M.A.