West Genesee Runners

 Outdoor Practices/Meets -- 2023

Parents: This is the official schedule, usually projected 4 weeks out. It supersedes any previously published schedules. Any changes in practice sites/times will be announced here and at Team Practices. Also, practice sites which are also parent pickup sites are underlined.  Parents, please be on time for drop-off/pick-up.

Site Keys: WGHS-West Genesee High School; CMS-Camillus Middle School; Erie Canal-Erie Canal Park(Sims Store); Gilly(Gilly Lake Park)


Regular Season Team Practices:


Thursday,  3/16,  3-5:00pm, WGHS

Friday,  3/17, 3-5:00pm, WGHS


Monday, 3/20, 3-5:00pm, WGHS

Tuesday,  3/21,  3-5:00pm, WGHS

Wednesday, 3/22 3-5:00pm, WGHS

Thursday,  3/23,  3-5:10pm, WGHS

Friday,  3/24, 3-5:10pm, WGHS


Monday, 3/27, 3-5:00pm, WGHS

Tuesday,  3/28,  3-5:00pm, WGHS

Wednesday, 3/29 3-5:00pm, WGHS

Thursday,  3/30,  Scrimmage(WG/Tully/Skaneateles), 4:30pm WGHS

Friday,  3/31, 3-5:10pm, WGHS


Monday, 4/3, 9-11am, WGHS

Tuesday,  4/4,  Westhill Invitational, 1:00pm, Westhill HS

Wednesday, 4/5 9-11am WGHS

Thursday, 4/6, No team practice

Friday,  4/7, No team practice


Monday, 4/10, 3-5:00pm, WGHS

Tuesday,  4/11,  3-5:00pm, WGHS

Wednesday, 4/12, WG vs Fayetteville-Manlius, 4:30pm, WGHS

Thursday, 4/13, 3-5:00pm, WGHS

Friday,  4/14, 3-5:00pm, WGHS


Monday, 4/17, 3-5:00pm, WGHS

Tuesday,  4/18,  3-5:00pm, WGHS

Wednesday, 4/19, WG vs CNS/Henninger, 4:30pm, WGHS

Thursday, 4/20, 3-5:00pm, WGHS

Friday,  4/21, 3-5:00pm, WGHS


Monday, 4/24, 3-5:00pm, WGHS

Tuesday,  4/25,  3-5:00pm, WGHS

Wednesday, 4/26, WG vs Liverpool/Nottingham, 4:30pm, Liverpool HS

Thursday, 4/27, 3-5:00pm, WGHS

Friday,  4/28, 3-5:00pm, WGHS

Saturday, 4/29, 1:00pm, Chittenango Invitational, Chittenango HS